Mayor of Pilsen officially opened the Euro para-archery championship!
13 August 2018

Mayor of Pilsen officially opened the Euro para-archery championship!

While most teams arrived to Pilsen already on Saturday, the official Opening ceremony was scheduled for Monday, first day of official practices. Mr. Zrzavecký, mayor of the host city Pilsen, opened the ceremony with a speech in which he wished good luck to all participating athletes.

Close to 130 athletes and all of their coaches gathered in the stand on the qualifying venue for the opening ceremony. After the parade of flags of all the countries, Mr. Zrzavecký had the honor to address all of them with his speech. 

"This tournament is another proof, that city of Pilsen is really a city of sport. We're proud to host such an important event and we hope the athletes will be returning to their homes with the best possible memories of this tournament and city itself. I wish all of you the best of luck, although I have to admit I will be cheering for our Czech athletes," he said.

Roman Suda, head of the local organizing committee joined him in wishing athletes all the best, while David Drahonínský pledged to follow the rules and fair-play on behalf of all the other archers and himself.

Dominique Ohlmann, technical delegate, then officially declared the Euro para-archery championship 2018 as opened!